Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Well Traveled Reunion Project

Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime by J.B. Morrison

When Beth calls her father to tell him that, not only has her husband Jimmy left her, but also that the doctors found a lump, Frank is understandably worried. At age 82, living on a fixed income, he can't just pick up and leave the UK to be with her in California. That is, until his landlord offers to give him £5,000 to move out of his apartment. With his granddaughter Laura about to turn 21, what could be more serendipitous? Furthermore, Frank's visit can only help Laura carry with her plans to get Jimmy and Beth back together.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Two World Wars, Two Women, Thousands of Letters

Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole

In March 1912, David Graham is a University student in Urbana, Illinois. He's just read a book of poetry by Elspeth Dunn, who lives on Scotland's Isle of Skye. Impressed, he decides to write to her, and thereby begins a correspondence that will change both their lives. Just over 28 years later, Margaret's best friend is about to join the war as a RAF fighter pilot, when she realizes she's in love with him, as much as he is in love with her. When a bomb rips through the wall of her mother's Edinburgh house, out spills piles of letters her mother has been keeping since before the Great War. The next morning, her mother and the letters are gone - except for the single, yellowed page Margaret picked up. The contents of that letter are so mysterious, it leads her to a quest to discover the secrets her mother has kept all her life, which might also answer her own questions of who she is. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Literal Fly on the Wall

Jacob's Folly by Rebecca Miller

Jacob Cerf was an impoverished, religious Jewish peddler in 18th Century Paris. Circumstance led him away from his family and faith and into a world of impious debauchery. 300 years later, he's back, but now he's a fly in 21st Century New York and involved in the lives of two people. One is Masha - an innocent girl, sheltered from the world by her orthodox Jewish family. The other is the model citizen, husband and father, Leslie Senzatimore. As Jacob curses his new fate, he decides to repay his maker by bringing these two together putting their goodness to test.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dangerous Reunions

Run you Down by Julia Dahl

The sudden death of Pessie Goldin never received any publicity, despite her being a young mother. That's mostly because she's a member of the ultra-orthodox (Haredi) community of Roseville, and they officially declared it an accident. However, her husband Levi is suspicious about the circumstances, and refuses to believe this or the suicide rumors. Since the Haredi burial society won't allow the police to carry out autopsies, the only way to look for the truth is to get the press involved. After Rebekah Roberts covered the Rivka Mendelssohn story so successfully, despite it almost getting her killed, she is Levi's only possibility. For Rebekah, this is story she can't resist, particularly because her mother Aviva is now living in Roseville, and it finally seems they both are ready to meet.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In his own space

The Room by Jonas Karlsson

Björn's recent promotion must mean he's on his way, headed straight for the top. Of course, new surroundings can be stressful, particularly learning to get along with your new colleagues. As talented and intelligent as Björn is, he doesn't make friends easily; he'd rather just put his head down and do his job. Not long after Björn moves to his new office, he finds a room between the elevators and the toilets. It is the perfect office - clean, well lit, perfectly decorated, and more importantly, no one seems to be using it. Since Björn feels so good while he's in there, why not take advantage.