A-Z Index of Book Reviews

20 ➧Vatsal Surti ➧ Fiction ➧ 3 ✮
84 Charing Cross Road ➧ Helen Haniff ➧ Autobiography ➧ 5 ✮
99 Stories of God ➧ Joy Williams ➧ Short Fiction ➧ 4 ✮

Adore ➧ Doris Lessing ➧ Short Fiction ➧ 5
After You'd Gone ➧ Maggie O'Farrell ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Alias Grace Margaret Atwood Fiction 5
Alice Network, The Kate Quinn Fiction 4
All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion, The ➧ Fannie Flagg ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
All He Ever Wanted ➧ Anita Shreve ➧ Fiction ➧ 3
All Russians Love Birch Trees ➧ Olga Grjasnowa ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
All the Rivers Dorit Rabinyan Fiction 5
Almost Famous Women ➧ Megan Mayhew Bergman ➧ Short Fiction ➧ 5
And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer ➧ Fredrik Backman ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Anil's Ghost ➧ Michael Ondaatje ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Apple Polisher, The ➧ Heidi Belleau ➧ Fiction, LGBT ➧ 3
Ardor ➧ Lily Prior ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Atomic Weight of Love, The ➧ Elizabeth J. Church ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5
Author and Me, The ➧ Eric Chevillard ➧ Fiction ➧ 3

Beartown ➧ Fredrik Backman ➧ Fiction ➧ 5 
Beautiful Bureaucrat, The ➧ Hellen Phillips ➧ Fiction ➧ 4.5
Becoming Bonnie ➧ Jenni L. Walsh ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Becoming Josephine ➧ Heather Webb ➧ Fiction ➧ 4.5
Beginner's Goodbye, The ➧ Anne Tyler ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Behaviour of Moths, The ➧ Poppy Adams ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Bellman & Black ➧ Diane Setterfield ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Betrayers, The ➧ David Bezmozgis ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Blackberry Wine ➧ Joanne Harris ➧ Fiction ➧ 3
Bookshop, The ➧ Penelope Fitzgerald ➧ Fiction ➧ 
Boston Girl, The ➧ Anita Diamant ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5
Bottomland ➧ Michelle Hoover ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Britt-Marie was Here ➧ Fredrik Backman ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Brother & Sister ➧ Joanna Trollope ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Brotherhood of Book Hunters, The ➧ Raphaël Jerusalmy ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Butterfly and the Violin, The ➧ Kirsty Cambron ➧ Fiction ➧ 3

Campari for Breakfast ➧ Sara Crowe ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Carnegie's Maid Marie Benedict Fiction 4.5
Case of the Haunted Swamp, The ➧ Cliff MacGillivray, Kelly Ward ➧ Children ➧ 4
Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys ➧ Eric Garcia ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Catch-22 Joseph Heller Fiction 5
Cat's Table, The ➧ Michael Ondaatje ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Chanukah Guilt ➧ Ilene Schneider ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5
Children's Crusade, The ➧ Ann Packer ➧ Fiction ➧ 3
Chocolat ➧ Joanne Harris ➧ Fiction ➧ 3
Chutzpah & High Heels Jessica Fishman Non-Fiction 3.5
Clockmaker's Daughter, The ➧ Kate Morton ➧ Fiction ➧ 
Close Range: Wyoming Stories Annie Proulx Short Fiction 3.5
Collected Works of Billy the Kid, The ➧ Michael Ondaatje ➧ Poetry/Fiction ➧ 4.5
Coming Through Slaughter ➧ Michael Ondaatje ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Contract with God, A ➧ Will Eisner ➧ Graphic Novel ➧ 5
Curtain Call ➧ Anthony Quinn ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5
Cutting Room, The ➧ Louise Welsh ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5

Deal of a Lifetime, The Fredrik Backman Fiction 5
Death Comes to Pemberley P.D. James Fiction 3
Death of an Owl, The Paul Torday Fiction ➧ 4
Death's Head Chess Club, The John Donoghue Fiction 4.5
Determined Heart, The Antoinette May Fiction 4
Devil Wears Prada, The Lauren Weisberger Fiction 3
Different Class Joanne Harris Fiction 4.5
Distance Between Us, The Maggie O'Farrell Fiction 4.5
Divisadero Michael Ondaatje Fiction 4.5
Down at the End of the River Angus Woodward Short Fiction 4
Dreaming Rodin John M. Flynn Short Fiction 4

Ecstasy: A Novel of Alma Mahler  ➧ Mary Sharratt ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5 
Emma Brown Clare Boylan Fiction 4.5
Emperors of Chocolate, The Joel Glenn Brenner Non-Fiction 5
Enchantress of Numbers Jennifer Chiaverini Fiction 3
Escape of Malcolm Poe, The Allison Burnett Fiction 5
Eveningland Michael Knight ➧ Short Fiction 4
Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81, The J.B. Morrison Fiction 5

Face, The Ruth Ozeki Autobiography 5
Fall of Poppies Heather Webb, et.al. Short Fiction 5
Faraway Smell of Lemon, A Rachel Joyce Short Fiction 5
Feast of Sorrow ➧ Crystal King ➧ Fiction ➧ 4
Finding Amos J.D. Mason, ReShonda Tate-Billingsley, Bernice McFadden Fiction  3
Fist Around the Heart, A ➧ Heather Chisvin ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5 
Five Quarters of the Orange Joanne Harris Fiction 4.5
Flight of Dreams Ariel Lawhon Fiction 5
Food Whore Jessica Tom Fiction 4
Foreign Bodies Cynthia Ozick Fiction 5
Forest Dark ➧ Nicole Krauss ➧ Fiction ➧ 5
Four Word Film Reviews Benj Clews, Michael Onesi Non-Fiction 5
Fourth Hand, The John Irving Fiction 3
Fox was Ever the Hunter, The Herta Müller Fiction 4
Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime J.B. Morrison Fiction 4.5
Freedom Jonathan Franzen Fiction 3
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café Fannie Flagg Fiction 5
Fry Chronicles, The Stephen Fry Autobiography 5

Gentlemen and Players Joanne Harris Fiction 5
Girl in Disguise Greer Macallister Fiction 5
Girl on the Landing, The Paul Torday Fiction 4
Girls at the Kingfisher Club, The Genevieve Valentine Fiction 3
Glass Ocean, The ➧ Williams, Willig & White ➧ Fiction ➧ 4.5 
Going Out in Style Daniel Kelley Short Fiction 4
Golden House, The Salman Rushdie Fiction 5
Goodnight Beautiful Women Anna Noyes Short Fiction 3
Gravity of Birds, The Tracy Guzeman Fiction 4
Great House Nicole Kraus Fiction 5
Green Sam Graham-Felsen Fiction 4
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Mary Ann Shaffer Fiction 5

Hag-Seed ➧ Margaret Atwood ➧ Fiction ➧ 
Hand that First Held Mine, The Maggie O'Farrell Fiction 5
Handmaid's Tale, The Margaret Atwood Fiction 5
Heart Goes Last, The Margaret Atwood Fiction 5
Henna House Nomi Eve Fiction 4.5
Her Fearful Symmetry Audrey Niffengger Fiction 4
Herland and Selected Stories Charlotte Perkins Gilman Short Fiction 5
Historian, The Elizabeth Kostova Fiction 3.5
History of Love, The Nicole Kraus Fiction 5
How to Be a Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson Cookbook 5
How to be a Heroine Samantha Ellis Non-Fiction 4
How to Talk to a Widower Jonathan Tropper Fiction 5

I am, I am, I am: Seventeen Brushes with Death ➧ Maggie O'Farrell ➧ Non-Fiction ➧ 
I, Eliza Hamilton Susan Holloway Scott Fiction 3
I Stopped Time Jane Davis Fiction 4
In the Land of Armadillos Helen Maryles Shankman Fiction 4.5
Instructions for a Heatwave Maggie O'Farrell Fiction 4.5
Invisible City Julia Dahl Fiction 4.5
It's. Nice. Outside. Jim Kokoris Fiction 5
I was Anastasia Ariel Lawhon Fiction 5

Jack Maggs Peter Carey Fiction 2
Jacob's Folly Rebecca Miller Fiction 4
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells Sebastian Faulks Fiction 4

Kalahari Typing School for Men, The Alexander McCall Smith Fiction 2
Kennedy Debutante, The ➧ Kerri Maher ➧ Fiction ➧ 
Kiss Me First Lottie Moggach Fiction 4
Kitchen Daughter, The Jael McHenry Fiction 4

La Cucina Lily Prior Fiction 4.5
Last Banquet, The Jonathan Grimwood Fiction 4
Last Mrs. Parrish, The Liv Constantine Fiction 4.5
Last Painting of Sara de Vos, The Dominic Smith Fiction 4
Last Will of Moira Leahy, The Therese Walsh Fiction 3.5
Last Word, The Hanif Kureishi Fiction 4
Lessons in French Hilary Reyl Fiction 3
Letters from Skye Jessica Brockmole Fiction 5
Letters from the Fire Alma Alexander Hromic, R. A. Deckert Fiction 5
Lido, The ➧ Libby Page ➧ Fiction ➧ 
Light of Hidden Flowers, The Jennifer Handford Fiction 4
Light Shining in the Forrest Paul Torday Fiction 4
Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk ➧Kathleen Rooney ➧ Fiction 5
Little Nothing Marisa Silver Fiction 5
Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules, The Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg Fiction 4.5
Little Breton Bistro, The ➧ Nina George ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5 
Little Paris Bookshop, The Nina George Fiction 4
Living, The Lean Cullinan Fiction 4
Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, The Eva Rice Fiction 4
Lost for Words Bookshop, The ➧ Stephanie Butland ➧ Fiction ➧ 
Lost Vintage, The ➧ Ann Mah ➧ Fiction ➧ 
Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy, The Rachel Joyce Fiction 5
Lovely Bones, The Alice Sebold Fiction 5
Loving Frank Nancy Horan Fiction 4.5

Magician's Lie, The Greer Macallister Fiction 4
Man and Boy ➧ Tony Parsons ➧ Fiction ➧ 3.5 
Man Called Ove, A Fredrik Backman Fiction 5
Marching to Zion Mary Glickman Fiction 4
Marrying of Chani Kaufman, The Eve Harris Fiction 3.5
Masterint the Art of French Eating Ann Mah Non-Fiction 4
Me! Stories of My Life Katharine Hepburn Autobiography 5
Melting the Snow on Hester Street Daisy Waugh Fiction 3.5
Memory Keeper's Daughter, The Kim Edwards Fiction 3
Middlesex Jeffrey Eugenides Fiction 5
Miniaturist, The Jessie Burton Fiction 5
Moon Sisters, The Therese Walsh Fiction 4
Moonglow Michael Chabon Fiction 5
Mountaintop School for Dogs, The Ellen Cooney Fiction 5
Murder in Belgravia Lynn Brittany Fiction 3.5
Music Shop, The Rachel Joyce Fiction 5
My Grandmother Sends her Regards and Apologises Fredrik Backman Fiction 5
My Lover's Lover Maggie O'Farrell Fiction 5
My Name is Lucy Barton Elizabeth Strout Fiction 5
My Name is Venus Black Heather Lloyd Fiction 4
My So-Called Ruined Life Melanie Bishop YA Fiction 5

Nectar Lily Prior Fiction 4
Neither Here Nor There Miriam Drori Fiction 2.5
Noah's Compass ➧ Anne Tyler ➧ Fiction ➧ 4.5
Noise of Time, The Julian Barnes Fiction 4
Nora Webster Colm Tóibín Fiction 5
Notes from an Exhibition Patrick Gale Fiction 5
Not Quite Lost: Travels without a Sense of Direction Roz Morris Non-Fiction 5
November Storm Robert Oldshue Short Fiction 4.5

Objects of Her Affection, The Sonya Cobb Fiction 4
On a Cold Dark Sea Elizabeth Blackwell Fiction 4
On Trying to Keep Still Jenny Disky Non-Fiction 5
One Red Paperclip Kyle MacDonald Autobiography 4
Ostrich Matt Greene YA Fiction 4

Perfect Rachel Joyce Fiction 5
Perfect Mother, The Nina Darnton Fiction 4
Perfectly Good Man, A Patrick Gale Fiction 5
Photographer's Wife, The Suzanne Joinson Fiction 3.5
Place Called Winter, A Patrick Gale Fiction 5
Prague Sonata, The Bradford Morrow Fiction 4
Prayer for Owen Meany, A John Irving Fiction 5
Princess Bride, The William Goldman Fiction 5
Pure Gold Baby, The Margaret Drabble Fiction 2.5
Puttermesser Papers, The Cynthia Ozick Fiction 5

Queen and I, The Sue Townsend YA Fiction 3

Race for Paris, The Meg Waite Clayton Fiction 4.5
Raven Girl Audrey Niffengger Graphic Novel 4
Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, The Katarina Bivald Fiction 4.5
Resident Aliens Beth Porter Short Fiction, Poetry 4
Restaurant Critic's Wife, The Elizabeth LaBan Fiction 4.5
Restless William Boyd Fiction 5
Reunion of Ghosts, A Judith Claire Mitchell Fiction 4.5
Rodin's Lover Heather Webb Fiction 5
Room, The Jonas Karlsson Fiction 5
Rosie Project, The Simsion Graeme Fiction 4.5
Run You Down Julia Dahl Fiction 4.5
Running in the Family Michael Ondaatje Non-Fiction 5


Second Honeymoon Joanna Trollope Fiction 3
Secret Scripture, The Sebastian Barry Fiction 5
Sadness is a White Bird Moriel Rothman-Zecher Fiction 3.5
See What I Have Done ➧ Sarah Schmidt ➧ Fiction ➧ 4.5
Shipping News, The Annie Proulx Fiction 5
Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, A Marina Lewycka Fiction 5
Sisters One, Two Three Nancy Star Fiction 4.5
Sleeping Patterns J.R. Crook Fiction 4.5
Smash all the Windows Jane Davis Fiction 4.5
Snow Garden & Other Stories, A ➧ Rachel Joyce ➧ Short Fiction ➧ 4.5 
Spies, Inc. Stacy Perman Non-Fiction 4
Spool of Blue Thread, A Anne Tyler Fiction 5
Storied Life of A. J. Fikry, The Gabrielle Zevin Fiction 5
Story of Arthur Truluv, The Elizabeth Berg Fiction 4
Sunken Cathedral, The Kate Walbert Fiction 5
Sweetness #9 Stephan Eirik Clark Fiction 5

Tale for the Time Being, A Ruth Ozeki Fiction 5
Tamburlaine Must Die Louise Welsh Fiction 5
Tatiana's Wedding Cynthia A. Robinson Fiction 4.5
Thanksgiving Ellen Cooney Fiction 4.5
This Must be the Place Maggie O'Farrell Fiction 3.5
This Should be Written in the Present Tense Helle Helle Fiction 4
Thread, The Victoria Hislop Fiction 3.5
Time Traveler's Wife, The Audrey Niffengger Fiction 5
To Capture What We Cannot Keep Beatrice Colin Fiction 4.5
Today will be Different Maria Semple Fiction 2.5
Two Caravans Marina Lewycka Fiction 3.5
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights Salman Rushdie Fiction 5

Under the Wild and Starry Sky Nancy Horan Fiction 4
Undiscovered Gyrl Allison Burnett Fiction 4.5
Undisturbed Peace, An Mary Glickman Fiction 4.5
Universe Versus Alex Woods, The Gavin Extence YA Fiction 4.5
Unknown Woman, An Jane Davis Fiction 4.5
Unleavened Dead Ilene Schneider Fiction 4
Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, The Rachel Joyce Fiction 5
Us Against You (Beartown #2) Fredrik Backman Fiction 4.75

Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, The Maggie O'Farrell Fiction 5
Various Pets Alive and Dead Marina Lewycka Fiction 4.5
Velveteen Daughter, The ➧ Huber, Laurel Davis Fiction ➧ 4
Vienna Nocturne Vivien Shotwell Fiction 4
Vinegar Girl Anne Tyler Fiction 3.5
Vintage Munro Alice Munro Short Fiction 4(stories) 2 (collection)
Visitation Jenny Erpenbeck Fiction 5
Vox: A Novel ➧ Christina Dalcher ➧ Fiction ➧ 

War on Women in Israel, The Elana Maryles Sztokman Non-Fiction 5
Warlight Michael Ondaatje Fiction 5
We Are All Made of Glue Marina Lewycka Fiction 5
Wedding Gift, The Marlen Suyapa Bodden Fiction 3
Wednesday Daughters, The Meg Waite Clayton Fiction 3.5
Well-Behaved Woman, A ➧ Therese Anne Fowler ➧ Fiction ➧ 
What the Lady Wants Renee Rosen Fiction 4.5
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak Children 5
White Tiger on Snow Mountain David Gordon Short Fiction 4
White Wind Blew, A James Markert Fiction 3
Whole Town's Talking, The Fannie Flagg Fiction 5
Wife, the Maid and the Mistress, The Ariel Lawhon Fiction 4.5
Will Christopher Rush Fiction 4
Winter Sisters Robin Oliveira Fiction 4


Yom Killer Ilene Schneider Fiction 4.5
Young Jane Young Gabrielle Zevin Fiction 4.5


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