Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Guest Blog Post: "Rarity from the Hollow" author Robert Eggleton

The Beginning, Middle, and End

Emotional Closures in Fiction and in Reality

A Great Ending! Many readers demand one in fiction. But, in real life emotional closures may be much more elusive. Have you every been “done wrong” in some way – somebody hurt your feelings, told a lie about you, cheated in a relationship, stolen from you, fired you from a job with inadequate justification...?  Sadly, offenders do not always apologize and try to make amends to aid us in achieving emotional closures of our sufferings big and small, symbolic or factual. Life goes on.

Further, especially in YA literature, the lines between good and evil are expected to be clearly drawn. Many instructors of creative writing have asserted that conflict should be introduced in the first chapter so as to use it to hook readers on the story. In real life, truth may be blurred, relative, and within perspectives influenced by a host of factors, especially culture, access to information, and religion.

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