Friday, February 8, 2019

My "Hello" to Philip Roth!

Book Review of “Goodbye, Columbus” by Philip Roth.

When I heard of Roth’s passing, I realized that while I knew the name well, and I’d seen some films based on his writings, I never read any of his books. In an attempt to correct that situation, I immediately went looking for some, and came up with a few to buy (second hand), including this collection of a novella and short stories, which was the first one I decided to read.

Now, keeping in mind the fact that this collection was published in 1959 (when I was only two years old – yes, really), I was certainly expecting that not everything here would feel relevant to us today. Mind you, because I’m that old, I also expected to understand more of these stories than much younger audiences. However, with a few minor exceptions, I have to say that I was very much pleasantly surprised to find out how very nicely these stories aged. In fact, there are some stories here that are practically evergreen in their subject matter.

My Complete review of this collection can be found on my new blog here!

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