Friday, April 5, 2019

Literary Musings: Biographical, Historical Fiction.

A New Trend or an Old Friend?

One of my friends, Barbara Probst, who is a member of the Facebook group In Literary Love with me, recently put up a post on that page asking the following question of the group:

“What does everyone think about this new hybrid genre that's a cross between fiction and biography—the novelization of a real person's life? Recent examples are "The Age of Light" (a novelized version of the life of Lee Miller) and "The Only Woman in the Room") (a novelized version of the life of Hedy Lamar), but there are tons of others out there! I think it started 20 years ago when "Girl with a Pearl Earring" was published, but seems to be everywhere now! Just curious about whether people like this kind of book or prefer "true" fiction?”

You can read the rest of this article only on my new blog here!


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