Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Photos of Female Fighters.

Book Review for “Women on the Front Lines: Inside the Combat Units of the Israeli Army” by Debbie Zimelman.

Yes, this is a photography book, and yes, I've never reviewed one of these before. But you see... Debbie is a personal friend of mine. We were work colleagues for a while many years ago, just when she started to believe in herself as a photographer. I was sorry to see her leave, but glad she did so to follow her dream. Of course, like many photographers, there is always the need to work commercially to make ends meet, while pursuing their artistic dreams. I hope that I was able to encourage her at least a little bit on her journey by hiring her to photograph some of my family events. So, for me to see her publish a book of her photography was exciting for me personally. That she decided to make this about women in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was heartwarming. It made me think of my own daughter’s army service, although she wasn’t a combat soldier. I remember that when my daughter was born, I dreamt that she would become a fighter pilot someday. That didn’t happen, but I’m still very proud of her service (as I am of my two sons’ service, as well). But hey! I’m supposed to be reviewing this book, not taking walks down memory lane, so here goes nothing! 

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